Sliding Window Installation in Kansas City MO Can Include Garden Windows

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

The idea of a garden window over the kitchen sink or elsewhere in the room may seem appealing, but homeowners might hesitate because they worry about the greenhouse effect inside. The sunshine in that miniature greenhouse is beneficial for growing an indoor garden or houseplants, but won’t it heat up the room during the summer? These individuals will be happy to learn that most garden windows feature panes that open, either by sliding vertically or horizontally, or cranking out. Sliding window installation in Kansas City MO thus can include a garden window that extends out from the exterior of the home, adding space and natural light.

Although the sunshine in these windows is helpful for plants, not having any ventilation can actually be hard on them during the warmest times of the year. Garden windows have three sides along with angled glass on the top. Typically, the two side panes open and the middle one is fixed. The extended space provides additional visibility to the outdoors, which is especially appealing with a view looking out on scenery or to a nicely landscaped yard. With ventilation coming from two sides, more fresh air can be brought into the house as compared with a flat window. On days when the air conditioning is running, this is not an issue as the plants receive climate-controlled air from inside.

Kansas City experiences strings of very hot, sunny days during the summer. In this type of climate, it can be advisable to keep the garden window plants on a tray that can be removed and placed near a different window until the excessive heat has passed. Throughout the rest of the year, the miniature greenhouse is an ideal environment. People can even grow herbs and vegetables there during the winter.

This type of Sliding Window Installation in Kansas City MO cannot be done only as glass replacement. Garden windows usually are constructed as a whole product, so the old sash and frame must be removed before installation. Many homeowners prefer custom-built garden windows, which are available from a contractor such as Energy Pro Windows & Siding. Visit website for more details on this particular organization.

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