Improv Comedy Club? Only One Name Should Come to Mind

You must admit that improv is funny. It is funny because it is unrehearsed and you just never know where it is going to go. It keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. There is only one improv comedy club that should come to mind when you think about improv.  Not that it is the only place in the world that offers these types of shows but because it is credited with really making improv an entertainment art form.  While you are in the audience having, those belly laughs it can be hard to distinguish that improv does not come naturally to performers it is an art that is taught. A performer that has mastered the art makes it look completely natural but there is a lot of work that goes behind becoming that natural on a stage. Timing really is everything when it comes to being able to entertain a crowd. This one improv comedy club has perfected the art and not only puts on the best shows but also holds workshops to teach this art form.

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  • Marlin Benavides