You Are Not a Retailer!

  • HEALTHCARE OFFICES DO NOT GET STOLEN CARDS. Retailers cannot make that same claim.
  • You have earned the right to be in an elite group with other healthcare professionals and you should not be held responsible for the “sins” of the Retail Market.
  • Retriever Medical / Dental Payments, Inc. is the ONLY processor worldwide who processes exclusively for healthcare. We work with over 50,000 doctors processing over $3 Billion annually. We have been the leaders in the industry for 25 years. We are A+ BBB rated and we are a verified safe business with Ripoff Report.
  • All processors have the same cost….but all processors DO NOT have the same overhead. Because we refuse to take on retail businesses, we have NO FRAUD OR STOLEN CARD LOSSES. We are are able to pass that savings on to you. Additionally, we give you more flexibility to accept cards to help practice run more efficiently. Other “Society endorsed” or “Bank endorsed” processors are still retail processors. There are to produce income for the Society or Bank. Aren’t your dues and bank fees high enough? Why do you need to pay a “middle man” to process your credit cards?
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  • Marlin Benavides