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by | May 5, 2012 | Health


The key to any well-run system is to keep an account of all activities; and who is paying for it. Medical providers need to know what treatment is being administered, and what the cost has been in providing it. Even government run Hospitals need to keep track of this so that they can manage their supplies, and keep a track of the costs of providing healthcare services. Officials can tell the government departments how much they are spending on keeping the nation healthy.

There is no such thing as free healthcare! Someone pays for it somewhere, either by insurance payouts (as in the private system) or through taxes (in the government system).

Medical billing and the invention of the computer

In the beginning, the means of tracking the medical billing was available strictly on paper, and done entirely through paperwork. The the invention of the computer created a revolution in that area that computers could be used to keep track of such things as costs. This could be done without cutting without affecting the efficiency of the medical provider. Indeed the efficiency was increased, as new software was developed to work in this area, the software became known as Medical Billing and Healthcare Software.

Many providers are “private” healthcare providers who are paid either direct by the client (in cash) or through an insurance company. The beauty of using computers is that the computer can track not only the treatment but also the payment method being used. It can also match the treatment to fit what will be covered by the plan. This saves both time and resources and helps to get the treatment right from the start.

One of the major developments in recent years has been the concept of “portable” and accurate, especially since the Health insurance portability, Act of 2005. In the United States that allows people to be able to chance providers while keeping their health records confidential. With the growth in this industry, many smaller clinics have turned to specialized Medical Billing Services that comply with the legislation. By being in compliance, they have increased their efficiency and kept costs down.

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