Getting the right treatment

by | May 5, 2012 | Medical Treatment

When we get sick, we really want to get the right treatment to get well. There are two parts to the path, which our treatment takes us. The two paths are there for a reason.

The two parts are called Procedures and Therapies and they serve slightly different functions, though with the same intended result, either cure or management of the condition to a satisfactory level.

A procedure is a course of action with the intention to bring about a result in treatment, it can be a test (like and electrocardiograph on the heart) or even be an operation to fix something. The list is long but there is always a result. The outcome is established.

Therapies, on the other hand are what comes after the result is known. The situation has been found out and the cause has been dealt with. Now comes the task of getting the patient back to full health, or at least as near full health as can be managed!

Just as there are procedures, there are many other forms of therapies. They range from drug therapies to gene therapy, and include radiation therapy, psychotherapy, and the list goes on.

Of course, not all illnesses are curable and once the procedure is over there may not be a good prognosis. However, there is still therapy that will help the patient to deal with the situation better and give them the maximum comfort dealing with the illness.

Not all illnesses are life threatening; some are incurable but chronic. This means that the patient will need to live with the condition. Good therapy will help the patient to do this and get the most out of life.

Some of the people who seem to enjoy life the most are those who have stared down the barrel of a chronic condition and decided that with therapy they can rise above the situation and enjoy life to the full.



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