Myths About A Virtual Doctor Appointment

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Medical Treatment

There are myths that are associated with a virtual doctor appointment that may be keeping you away from taking advantage of this great opportunity. Dispelling some of these myths can help you to get the health care that you need delivered in an easy to use format from anywhere!

What is a Virtual Doctor Appointment?

A lot of people hear the term “virtual” and they automatically think that it is some sort of interactive software that just answers questions and provides scripted responses.  That is the myth! The reality is that you can have a doctors appointment virtually with a live highly qualified US trained physician.  It is not a software program it is an actual doctor!

That Type of Convenience Must be Expensive!

The fact is that using a doctor online is a lot more affordable than going to the emergency room or urgent care! It can be a great cost savings and it is super convenient.

How Can the Doctor Know What is Wrong Without Seeing Me?

A highly skilled physician can diagnose you based on your symptoms because they have the experience! You do not need to be in an office for the doctor to know what is wrong with you.

What if My Condition is Very Serious?

A virtual doctor appointment is not meant to treat very serious illnesses but many times what you think is very serious turns out to be very treatable.  If you are having chest pains or have diabetes or another serious condition, it is best for you to go to the emergency room.

A virtual appointment is great for a wide range of illnesses. You can get the help you need from a certified doctor and get on the road to recovery. Its affordable and its easy! Try MDProactive it is a great service.

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