How Can Homeowners Discover They Have Problems With Their Water Heaters in Memphis?

by | May 16, 2017 | Heating

A water heater is an appliance that provides a reliable source of hot water in a home. This is typically one of the most overlooked appliances, and homeowners rarely pay attention to a water heater until problems begin to develop. Because water heaters only last ten to fifteen years, they can begin breaking down after several years of use. It is imperative homeowners are aware of what to look for when there are problems developing with their Water Heaters Memphis.

Many homeowners do not realize there are problems with their water heaters until they turn on the hot water and are met with only cold water. Everyone knows this means a water heater is having problems but, thankfully, there are some warning signs a homeowner can look for well before they experience a breakdown of their Water Heaters Memphis.

1. Rusty or dirty looking water means there is corrosion in the tank, and this is never a good sign. In some cases, a plumber may be able to drain and flush the tank to keep it working a while longer. Once corrosion occurs at an alarming rate, the tank will need to be replaced.

2. If the hot water heater makes banging and clanging noises during operation, this is a sign the liner is breaking down, and small chunks of corroded metal are making contact with the heating element. Noisy water heaters need to be replaced.

3. Obviously, leaking is not normal when a water heater is functioning properly. Should a homeowner find a pool of water around the base of their water heater, they need to have a plumber check it to determine if repairs can be made or the entire tank needs to be replaced.

4. Water heaters that are not functioning properly will cause strange smells to be emitted from the water. If the hot water has a strange smell and the cold water does not, this is likely caused by the water heater.

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