Choosing a Unit for Self Storage in Las Vegas

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Moving/Storage Service

Most people choose to store certain items because they are either too valuable to keep at home or because they do not have enough room to store them in their living space. Because your belongings require special care, you have to be selective about the unit that you choose for storage.

Ask the Following Questions

If you are choosing a storage unit to store your personal belongings, you need to find a facility that offers a range of options. The site should make it easy to enter and exit the property. To determine your exact needs, you need to ask the following questions:

  • What size unit do I need?
  • Can I stop renting the unit at any time?
  • What will I owe when I sign a contract?
  • Will the storage facility provide a lock?

Choosing the Right-Sized Unit

The above questions are just a sampling of what you need to know before you commit your signature to paper. Probably the main concern you will have is the size of unit that you will need for self storage in Las Vegas. Click here for more details.

To determine the size, you should inventory the items you will be placing in the self storage unit first. By knowing what you will be storing, you can make the decision easier. For example, a 5’x5’ unit is about the size of a small closet. You can store small furniture, clothes, or stackable items in this unit size.

If you have the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, you will want to rent a 10’x10’ unit at a facility such as Canyon Road Self Storage in Las Vegas. This size unit is about the size of an average sized bedroom and, again, holds the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, sans any major appliances. You can add items or boxes that can be stacked.

If you have an especially large vehicle such as an RV, you will need a self storage unit that is quite large. This spacious unit comes with a drive-through design and measures 12’x70’ in size.

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