Protect Your Rights with the Help of Visitation Lawyers in Richmond, TX

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Lawyers

It is very difficult to get divorced when you know that it may make it harder for you to have a healthy relationship with your child, which is why it’s important to hire visitation lawyers right away. Because you will no longer have unlimited access to your child and are at the mercy of the other parent, who allows you to see them, you will want to take steps to protect your parental rights. Without taking these steps you may find it very difficult to see your child on a regular basis.

Understanding Scheduled Visitation

If you have been given scheduled visitation times then you are allowed this time with your child every month. While you and your ex may work together, instead, to allow you more time with your child, they can change their mind and revert back to scheduled visitation times if they desire. The problem occurs when they do not allow you time with your child as mandated by the court. This is when you want to have great visitation lawyers in Richmond, TX to protect your rights.

Getting the Court’s Help

It’s a very good idea to have records of all visitations that you have with your child as well as any violations that have occurred. These may include your ex not bringing your child on time to scheduled visitation or simply not showing up. While you may try to reschedule the visit, if your ex is not communicating with you then you need legal help. Visitation lawyers understand how to make sure that you get the time with your child that you are allowed.

Hiring the most qualified visitation lawyer is the best way to make sure that your time with your child is protected. Check our website to learn more about the legal help you can expect from us.

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