How To Get A Holistic Approach To Your Health & Wellness In St. Augustine Florida

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Chiropractic

Holistic is one of those words that we all hear and see from time to time; but, probably do not fully understand its meaning. It is philosophical in origin and refers to a belief that the components of something can only be explained by reference to the whole. Often, we will come across the word in magazine articles telling us how we can achieve a better life by taking a holistic approach to medicine; usually, the precise details appear somewhat vague – maybe simply saying that, for any ailment; you need to treat both the body and the mind.

Holistic; Or, Chiropractic?
Is there any difference between the two? Top chiropractors in St Augustine area; or anywhere else, will tell you that they are actually performing holistic medicine; since they are more concerned with treating the whole of your mind and body; rather than simply alleviating some particular symptoms.

It’s More Than A Cure For Backache
When chiropractors in St Augustine are manipulating your spine; they are correcting imbalances in some of the joints that can interfere with your body’s nervous system and cause you to feel pain in other areas. The pain symptoms can be in your back or neck; but, the same manipulation techniques can also be effective in removing leg or arm pain and can even relieve some types of headache.

Having a chiropractor check out your spine and other joints goes a long way towards identifying root causes of problems throughout your body; but, a knowledgeable chiropractor will not stop there. If they only work with your back; they are not being totally holistic in their approach; the spine is the main carrier for your central nervous system but there are also other pressure points located everywhere about your body. For example; acupuncture is acknowledged as being a legitimate aid to wellbeing and this relies on knowledge of which pressure points cause what effects elsewhere. Reflexology does much the same thing; but, without needles, and concentrates mainly on pressure points located in our feet. Significantly, both of these share the chiropractic belief that correcting an imbalance in one place has beneficial effect on other places – i.e. a holistic approach.

When chiropractors in St Augustine combine these ideas and include massage therapy along with dietary and fitness advice; you are getting a “total picture” of the state of your individual wellness. More importantly, from that picture; you can be advised if any corrections or changes may be needed.

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