Future Innovations to Expect at Shops Like Mid Town Opticians

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Eyes Vision

In the 1960s, eyeglass lenses that darkened in response to sunlight were a technological marvel. Many consumers began choosing those lenses while others selected another new option: permanent tints in a variety of hues. Today, stores like Mid Town Opticians have more choices available for the customers than ever in regard to frame and lens style, as well as materials. Technology on the horizon promises to make vision correction even more rewarding and convenient for the glasses wearer.

A New Type of Sunglasses

One day in the near future, shops such as Mid Town Opticians may be able to offer their clients glasses that manually and immediately change to sunglasses. Not everyone has good luck with the photochromatic lenses that respond to light. For example, the lenses may not seem dark enough while driving, since the windshield glass reduces ultraviolet rays coming into the car. People also become impatient with the time it takes for the lenses to respond to sunlight and for the tint to fade when returning inside.

Glasses for Colorblind Persons

Another even more intriguing innovation is a pair of glasses that allows colorblind individuals to see normally. The term colorblindness is a misnomer; the disorder actually is a deficiency since these people don’t only see in black, white and gray. Instead, they may see specific colors in gray or in muted tones. Bright red may look like a dull brown, for instance. Putting on those glasses makes the world look significantly more colorful.

Changes in Regulations

Another change that might become more widespread in the future is modifications of laws to allow opticians to administer vision tests and prescribe corrective lenses. British Columbia passed this type of law in 2010. Consumers would still need to have their eye health evaluated by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, which is an essential part of an overall health maintenance regimen.

Concluding Thoughts

Until these choices become widely available, people still have the chance to see clearly with corrective lenses, and to use eyewear as a personal statement. They may want to order two or three pairs from a shop such as Charlotte Jones Opticians, so they have one for professional business use and others for fun.

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