When To Consider Hiring A Disability Lawyer

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Law

If you have what you believe is a valid physical or mental disability that stops you from working, you can prepare a claim for Social Security disability benefits. As it can be a frustrating and complex task, you might want to consider hiring a disability lawyer in Maryville to help with your case. If you do, consider hiring qualified legal assistance you should understand the cost-benefit ratio involved

Unlike the greatest majority of legal issues, the cost of hiring a disability lawyer is straightforward. The legal fees are mandated by federal statute; the fee is either the lesser of one quarter of the back-pay you receive once your application is approved or $6,000. As the lawyer works on contingency, the fee is only payable in the event you win the case.

The benefits of hiring a disability lawyer in Maryville:

The biggest benefit of hiring a disability lawyer is that your chance of getting approved for benefits is significantly better than if you go it alone. Yes, there are applicants that make an independent application and are approved but going by raw statistics, these people are very much in the minority. The Social Security Administration is far more likely to approve an applicant that is represented by a legal professional.

Beginning with the initial application all the way through the different stages of appeal, a disability lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the system and how to develop a case so it is looked upon in the best possible light. Your lawyer can offer a great deal of advise on the alleged date of your disability ad put up an effective argument that your disability is one that meets the criteria laid down in what is known as the “Blue Book.” The blue book is a complete listing of all acceptable disabilities and impairments.

If your application is denied and goes to appeal, your lawyer will gather whatever substantiating evidence is needed and submit it to the administration. Your lawyer can often get a detailed opinion from your physician, with this he or she can prepare a detailed brief that the administrative law judge can review at the hearing. Normally the law judge will ask numerous questions, as your lawyer will have been involved in many hearings he or she will be able to tutor you on what to expect and how to best deal with the questions.

It should not take much convincing that a disability lawyer in Maryville is extremely helpful; the next question is “when should you hire them?” Many people will make the initial application themselves and wait until the application is denied before hiring the lawyer. As the legal fee is set by the federal government there is no logical reason to delay, the best time to hire a lawyer is at the start; your lawyer will provide invaluable insight into your case which can result in getting early approval.

If you are disabled, either physically or mentally, there is no good reason why you should not hire a disability lawyer in Maryville right from the outset. You are invited to discuss your case with the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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