Does the Lemon Law Apply, Find Attorneys Who Can Help Your Case

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Law Services

Anyone can purchase a bad vehicle that never seems to run correctly or has the same issue over and over. They’re called lemons, and there is a Lemon Law in almost every state to combat such problems. The goal is that you shouldn’t have to continue putting money into your car when it doesn’t run correctly or always has significant defects. Attorneys can help you determine if your car is a lemon and help you prepare your case.

Is it Required?

You do not have to hire someone to help you with your case, but statistics do prove that those who hire legal counsel have a higher chance of winning the case and may get more restitution. Lawyers take cases and go to court every day for others, so they’re well versed in what to do and when to do it. They also know the types of documents you need and can help you get them if you don’t have copies.

Attorney Fees

Many people worry about how to pay the lawyer after they’ve won their case. While each state is different, many of them require that you pay a fee to submit your application under the lemon law. With all the fees involved, it’s tough to decide to pay someone else, but many attorneys get paid on contingency or receive payment through the manufacturer if you win. After all, the manufacturer was the one who didn’t build the car correctly, so it’s fair that they pay for your legal counsel.

However, all states don’t have such rules under the law, so it is imperative that you discuss this issue with your lawyer during the free consultation.

The lemon law protects people who buy a car that always has issues. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center ® to get more information about their Lemon Law attorneys.

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