Must-Know Secrets to Help You Choose a Lawyer

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Law Services, Lawyers, Lawyers and Law Firms

The legal help you choose can determine the fate of your case. If you’re dealing with criminal charges, here are must-know secrets to help you choose the best legal help for your case.

Always start with research

Start by going online. Look for experienced lawyers in the area. That’s an excellent place to get leads and start your research. You should end up with more than enough names to make for a short list.

Experience matters

When you look for legal help, go for an experienced attorney like Chad Lewin. A lawyer that has spent years in the field and knew how the law works inside and out can determine the best approach to take in court. If your lawyer has been in practice for years, that’s going to give your defense an edge.

Factor in specialization

How much of your attorney’s caseload is spent on dealing with and winning cases like yours? Remember that not all lawyers specialize in the same field or area of expertise. If you need legal help, it’s best to hire the services of an attorney like Chad Lewin who specializes in criminal defense cases.

Do the math

When you hire legal help, ask the lawyer what his fees are and how these are structured, The Balance Careers says. It’s best to sort these details out before you proceed to anything else. Don’t forget to find out how often your lawyer will bill you.

Pay extra

Make sure you’re well-aware of the additional costs other services may include. For instance, your lawyer may charge you extra for postage, filing fees, copy fees and more.

Stay in touch

Pick a lawyer who’s easy to get a hold of. If your lawyer takes too long to respond to inquiries or requests, then move on to other options.

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