How to Deal with a Workers Compensation Claim

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Law

It happens to hardworking Americans each day. The workers compensation claim they submitted has been declined. In a situation like this, most people will lose hope but these individuals have a right to appeal this refusal, although, there is a very stringent time limit. What a person should do in a situation like this is get a workers compensation lawyer to help them with the claim, but they will need to find someone who has extensive experience in this. Start by listing all of the worker compensation lawyers in the area. To do this properly the individual will need to look on the Internet and use their physical location as a point of reference so if a person was living in Palos Park they should incorporate that into their search. After the list of local workers compensation lawyers has been identified, they have to be assessed for their overall suitability before any decisions can be made.

Questions To Bring Up When Speaking With Prospective Lawyers

Will the attorney be working exclusively on the case or will they have other individuals? The majority of workers compensation lawyers will have others work with them but it would be comforting to know that the file is getting the full level of attention it needs. Another item to bring up when speaking with the prospective workers compensation lawyers is what type of success they had with similar cases. Each workers compensation claim is unique but the attorney should be able to provide examples of similar cases they have worked on.

Costs Linked To a Workers Compensation Claim

If the attorney has successfully worked on similar cases in the past then it is time to look at their fee schedule. The lawyer is free to charge whatever they want for their services but the common practice is to work on a performance basis. This means the client only pays if the lawyer can get a cash award for their client so the lawyer has a vested interest in making sure they get as much money as possible for their client.

The rules and regulations associated with ‘Workers Compensation’ are fairly complex but if a person is proactive, they can assert their rights and the money they are entitled to under the law. Remember that there is a time limit on when an appeal can be submitted so the sooner an individual takes action the more likely they are to win their case.

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