How Can the Emergency Dentist in Dunellen Care for Your Smile?

by | May 30, 2014 | Dental

Taking care of your teeth and gums is extremely important for your oral health. Studies have proven good oral health helps to keep your body healthy. Unfortunately, issues can arise which cause you to have dental emergencies. These problems can cause you to experience pain and damage to your teeth. This is why many dental clinics are now offering emergency dental care. Waiting for a dental appointment to open up can be difficult when you are pain. Through the Emergency Dentist in Dunellen, you can be treated promptly, so you find fast relief from your symptoms.

How Can the Emergency Dentist Treat Your Tooth Ailments?

*      Injuries are one of the reasons people seek care from the Emergency Dentist in Dunellen. When your tooth is injured, you need care as soon as possible, to avoid continuing tooth damage and even tooth death. If you have cracked, chipped, broken or had your tooth knocked out, the dentist can repair the tooth damage. Even if your tooth was knocked out, the dentist may be able to place it back in the socket, so you do not experience permanent tooth loss.

*     Cavities can be very painful, especially if they become advanced. If your cavity goes untreated, you could experience severe damage that could lead to tooth death and the need for extraction. To avoid tooth loss, you need to see the Emergency Dentist in Dunellen. He or she can fill your tooth and seal off the nerve, so you no longer have pain. Removing the decayed portions will effectively stop the damage. For more information, visit online

*     If you are suffering with a tooth infection, it is imperative you are seen by the dentist as soon as possible. Infections can spread to surrounding teeth and to the gum tissue. If left untreated, you could experience major tooth loss and damage. Infections can be brought under control through antibiotics and a root canal.

If you are in need of an Emergency Dentist in Dunellen or are interested in cosmetic dentistry options, visit They will help you to overcome any tooth and gum problems you have, so your smile can stay healthy and beautiful.



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