DUI is a serious offense

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Law Services

A conviction for DUI is serious; there are ramifications and implications that can impact your life. Although there are minor differences from state to another, the consequences are no different. A first offense usually is classified as a misdemeanor and invariably results in a fine, loss of driving privileges and perhaps community service.

In the event you were involved in an accident the charges could be criminal. In any event, if the charges are civil or criminal, you should contact a DUI defense attorney in Salinas for help and guidance.

As there is so much at stake you need a seasoned attorney to ensure your rights are protected. There are numerous issues to be considered; if, for example, the police officer that arrested you failed to follow the correct procedures it is possible to get the evidence he or she presents quashed or your attorney may even get the case dismissed.

Mitigating factors:

About two thirds of all people arrested for DUI are first time offenders and as such there are factors that can be taken into account by the court when determining if they will be charged with a misdemeanor or a criminal offense. The charge has a great deal to do with the penalty and the long term consequences of it. Some factors that the court takes into account include:

* Was there a child passenger in the car at the time?

* How far over the limit were you?

* Were there harm and/or damage caused?

When you are presented to the court your DUI defense attorney in Salinas may have information that can be presented to the judge. The work you do, your family circumstances, your service record, etc are all important issues that your attorney can use when arguing your case.

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