Why Glass Wine Cellars In Houston TX Are A Trend These Days

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Glass Repair

Casual wine buyers may keep a filled rack in the kitchen so that they always have a bottle on hand. But more serious wine collectors need a different type of storage system. While the traditional solution for storing many bottles of wine is a dark cellar in the basement, more and more people are choosing to display their wines in glass wine cellars in Houston TX. Glass is a growing trend in wine cellars, primarily because of its aesthetic appeal.

A long-time trend in restaurants, a wine cellar with glass doors is an elegant way to display a wine collection. Oenophiles who take pride in their unique and/or high-end wines can enjoy showing them off through clear or colored glass. For these home owners, wine is more than a possession; it’s an expression of personality and identity. The glass wine cellar is a style of furnishing that goes well with modern architecture, especially houses that are designed with many glass and steel elements. According to a recent real estate survey, a growing number of houses are being built with glass wine cellars.

Because glass lets in light, it’s not considered the best option for long-term storage of wine. If wine is exposed to direct light, the light can react with phenolic compounds in the wine and cause the wine to age more quickly and eventually to spoil. Sunlight or even incandescent light can also increase the temperature of a room beyond the ideal range for wine, which is between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, experts say that a glass wine cellar is a fine storage solution for any wine that will be consumed within ten years.

In addition, new technology in glass may improve the storage capabilities of glass wine cellars. Thick glass can provide better temperature control and insulation, while UV filters can limit the amount of light that passes through the glass to the bottles. Double-paned or triple-paned glass with a vacuum or gas between the panes is the best option for thickness and insulation.

Residents can expect to see more Glass Wine Cellars in Houston TX, both in new homes and added to existing homes, as this trend continues to grow. For more information from a local glass service provider, visit Lone Star Glass, Inc.

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