The Benefits Of Installing Solar Screens In Houston TX

Windows allow a home to be filled with sunshine and make the interior of a house feel warm and inviting. Despite the benefits of having windows, there are also some drawbacks, as constant exposure to its UV rays creates adverse effects for people, pets, and furniture alike. The use of solar screens in Houston TX will allow a home to remain open to the great outdoors, but it will help combat the most common side effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Reduced Utility Expenses

When the interior of a home becomes warm due to sun exposure, it will cause any HVAC equipment to run more frequently, leading to expensive utility bills and in some cases costly maintenance appointments. Rather than overworking cooling equipment, consider covering any windows with full sun exposure with solar tinting. It will help regulate the interior temperature of a home and require less energy and money to keep a house comfortable all year long.

Prevent Furniture Damage

If the sun is allowed to shine in unimpeded, its harmful UVA rays may cause any fabric to fade over time, and it may also dry out wood furniture and lead to the formation of bowing and warping. Solar screens in Houston TX are designed to eliminate the penetration of harmful rays and will keep furniture looking great for years to come. Furniture isn’t cheap, so it makes sense to invest a bit of money now in preventing the cost of replacing it in the future.

Increased Privacy

Blinds, curtains, and drapes are all a viable way to increase the security of the windows in a home, but they also block the flow of natural light. Solar tinting products are effective at increasing privacy without detracting from the overall beauty of the windows. Even during the nighttime, it will be difficult for those on the outside to see what is happening on the inside.

Don’t let the sun lead to discomfort, damaged furniture, and expensive utility costs when a solar shield is an excellent option. Contact Lone Star Glass, Inc. to learn more about the types of solutions available and to take the first step in protecting a house and anything inside.

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