Being Proactive About Your Air Conditioner in Lebanon, NJ

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Air conditioning

When the late spring and summer weather hits, homeowners that have air conditioners are going to want to be sure those air conditioners are working. However, the time to ensure they are working is not when the sun is beating down on the house. It would be a bad situation for it to be 100 degrees outside and the air conditioner isn’t working. If the homeowner finds himself or herself in a breakdown maintenance situation, it is going to be very expensive. It is best to be proactive about the air conditioner.

A contractor that services and repairs an Air Conditioner in Lebanon NJ has seen many situations that could have been avoided if the homeowner had put the unit on a scheduled preventative maintenance contract. Here are some other things about preventative and proactive maintenance that will be beneficial for the homeowner. When an HVAC or air conditioner is on a regular maintenance contract, the contractor will catch things such as leaks with Freon, electrical connections that are going bad, and connected ductwork that is leaking. If these things are fixed promptly, they will not escalate into something major.

Things the homeowner can check for himself or herself include, but are not limited to, the air filters and debris that may be on the unit outside. Air filters can be replaced if they are temporary, or cleaned if they are permanent. Other things that can be checked may include the thermostat. If it is not properly calibrated, there will be issues with cooling. A mere adjustment could solve the problem. If not, a professional contractor will have to be called.

Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating has been providing residential and commercial plumbing and heating solutions for customers in the Lebanon area for more than three decades. These solutions include providing services for cooling, as well. The contractor also handles bathroom remodeling, radiant heat services, water treatment services, and prevention of backflow. The contractor will service customers on a regular maintenance basis. If any individuals or businesses are in need of repair for their Air Conditioner in Lebanon NJ, the contractor is available. Find more information by visiting the website,

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