Maintaining Pet Health With the Cat Grooming Service in Rockville, MD

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Veterinarians

Good grooming is just as important for cats as it is for dogs. The belief that cats do all their grooming on their own is incorrect. They still need assistance especially if the are very young, very old or have health issues. Cats that are consistently groomed as kittens and young cats will adjust and accept the treatment easier than they would if grooming was only done occasionally or once they are older. Regular grooming from a professional service is the easiest way to make certain that the pet gets the loving and attentive care they need.

Keeping Them Safe

Using a cat grooming service in Rockville MD is a good method of identifying potential problems early. They will notice pest infestations, can alert owners to suspicious bumps or lesions or even discover hidden injuries. Cats are adept at hiding injuries and can suffer needlessly when their owners are unaware of the issue. Since they will handle, wash and brush the cat it is easier for them to find problems that were not noticed at home.

Solving Hygiene Problems

Long and medium coated cats may not be able to clean themselves thoroughly after a trip to the litter box. The same problem arises with overweight pets. This makes pets much less enjoyable to hold and less hygienic as well. Smelly ears and ragged claws also prevent them from looking and feeling their best. Long hair may also become tangled and matted, collect dirt and irritate the skin.

Prevent Allergy Concerns

A cat grooming service in Rockville MD may make it possible for people to keep cats even though they suffer from allergies. It is the dander on the skin of cats and not the fur that causes allergic reactions. Regular grooming eliminates most of the dander and will make the pet less aggravating to those with allergies.

Monthly grooming appointments along with weekly brushing at home will help to keep cats fresh, clean and healthy. Contact The Groomery to learn more about the services available and to schedule an appointment. Save time and schedule a grooming appointment for any dog in the home as well.

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