What Patients Should Know About Zoom Whitening in Ann Arbor, MI

by | May 31, 2017 | Dental Health

In Michigan, dental patients have access to cosmetic dental services that improve the way the smile looks. These cosmetic treatments remedy a variety of conditions that could eliminate common hindrances. Among these options are teeth whitening treatments. The following is what patients should know about Zoom Whitening in Ann Arbor MI.

What Does the Treatment Address?

This whitening treatment addresses stubborn stains that can develop over time. They are commonly associated with smoking, drinking red wine, and coffee among other stain-producing substances. The treatment is known to eliminate deep stains from tooth enamel. This provides the dental patients with maximum whiteness without extensive effort.

How is the Treatment Performed?

The dental professional applies a barrier around the gums to prevent irritation or damage. Next, they apply a peroxide solution liberally onto each individual tooth. After the teeth are coated completely, the dentist applies an ultraviolet lamp to maximum the whitening effects of the treatment. The entire treatment lasts no longer than an hour, all the solution is removed from the teeth completely after the treatment is completed.

Who Shouldn’t get the Treatment?

Dental patients that shouldn’t undergo these treatments have existing tooth damage. If they have periodontal disease, the treatment could cause extensive gum irritation as well. Any condition that leads to an exposed nerve, infection, or abscess must be managed before the patient undergoes any whitening treatments. The peroxide solution could cause damage under these circumstances.

At-Home Whitening Options Provided by the Dentist

Patients who want to wish to acquire at-home whitening treatments can acquire them through their dentist. They are provided as prefilled trays that contain the right amount of peroxide solution for each treatment. The dentist provides them with information about using these treatments including the schedule they should follow.

In Michigan, dental patients could acquire cosmetic treatments to address discoloration and stains. These conditions can develop due to consumption of certain foods, beverages, and by smoking. Discoloration is also possible during the aging process. The teeth whitening treatments can eliminate these stains completely. Patients who want to acquire zoom whitening in Ann Arbor, MI can Schedule an appointment today.

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