Visit a Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Havertown, PA

by | May 6, 2014 | Dental Health

In order to have a healthy looking smile, it is important to have regular professional dental care. This care should include whitening treatments if the teeth are discolored or stained. These treatments can easily be done in the dentist’s office, and often desired results are seen after one treatment, depending on the type of treatment that is being used. People can get kits to whiten their teeth at home, but these kits are often difficult to use, and do not use as high a concentration of peroxide gel as those that professional dentists use. This is why many people choose to have these treatments done by their dentists, even though it is a bit more costly.

Those who have never had teeth whitening in Havertown, PA may be wondering what to expect during their dental appointments. No matter what type of procedure is done, the dentist will first clean the teeth. Then, they are polished with pumice to remove any remaining plaque from the teeth. The dentist will likely put gauze in the mouth in order to keep the teeth dry while they are being whitened, and a barrier will be placed around the gums to keep them from coming in contact with the solutions used for teeth whitening in Havertown.

The next step is the application of a whitening solution to the surface of the teeth, usually on the front only. Dentists use both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to bleach teeth. Patients can opt for a bleach-only procedure, or to have the treatments done with curing lights or lasers. These generate heat and make the solutions work better. The solutions are left on the teeth for up to an hour, or applied every few minutes for as long as an hour, depending on the type of solution used.

Once the teeth whitening in Havertown is complete and the patient is happy with the shade, the teeth are rinsed with water and fluoride. The patient will be instructed by the cosmetic dentist to avoid things that are known to stain teeth, including anything with tomatoes, coffee, yellow mustard, red wine, and tobacco for a period of 24 hours.

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