Prevent Shifting Teeth and Complications Caused By Missing Teeth With Dental Implant Services

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Dental Health

The loss of a tooth can cause a variety of problems, and this issue can occur for several reasons including the extraction of a decayed molar. One single missing tooth can cause all the other teeth on that jaw to loosen and shift. The longer this is allowed to occur, the harder it will be to fix the problem. Modern dentistry can help with the use of Dental Implant Services. However, this procedure may not be as easy as it sounds because the use of an implant requires the insertion of an inert material like titanium into the jawbone. There are two kinds of dental implants. The first uses a larger stud that is surgically inserted into the jaw. This creates a strong anchor, but it also requires plenty of bone mass and a bit of time to heal.

An alternative to this type of implant is the mini-implant. As the name suggests, the procedure uses a smaller stud as an anchor. In fact, the mini-implant can be done at most dental offices, and it heals very quickly. The basic procedure uses a drill to place a tiny hole in the bone. After this, expert Dental Implant Services insert the anchor. Like the larger version, the mini-implant is covered with a porcelain crown, and the final appearance is visually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Of course, the use of an implant may not be feasible for every patient. One reason for this is the need to ensure there is enough bone density to support the extreme pressures that occur when biting and chewing.

Replacing a missing tooth is only one possible use for dental implants. This artificial root can also be used as a means of anchoring dentures and bridges. This is important for people that need to replace multiple teeth because the primary method of anchoring a dental bridge requires the dentist to grind away portions of the anchoring teeth. Even when the appliance is secured using multiple teeth, there is still a tendency for it to move. Anchoring the bridge to one or more implanted studs creates a stable set of replacement teeth and improves the ability to bite and chew. Learn more about the possibilities of implants from experts like Robert S. Ogden DDS PA.

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