Having Dentists in Bellevue, NE Perform a Root Canal

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Dental Health

In preparation for a root canal, the length of the root canals must be measured. When it comes to Dentists in Bellevue NE, this measurement is done endometrically (using an electrical measuring method), as this gives the most accurate values. The exact determination of the length of a root canal is a prerequisite for the procedure.

Techniques used

The root canal treatment begins with personalized anesthesia and the application of the rubber dam, which isolates the tooth to be treated. This measure ensures clean and safe working for all parties involved. For a successful root canal, it is of immense importance that the treatment area remains saliva-free and, thus, germ-free.

To optimally prepare the root canal for treatment, the tooth is checked for any decay or “leaking” fillings and, if necessary, supplied with a new adhesive filling. It shields the tooth against germs, especially those that could penetrate leaky fillings. Also, it gives the tooth additional stability and protects it against future fracture or permanent loss.

A filling that stays intact ensures the success of a root canal. This is why experts say only reputable Dentists in Bellevue NE perform a root canal.

The procedure

The presentation and exposing of the tiny root canal entries takes place under a microscope. The root canal system is very complicated. Often, the entrances to the root canals are so hidden that they are invisible to the naked eye.

Optical magnification aids are used by the dentist to increase their visibility. The number of root canals per tooth varies. The channels themselves have anatomical features such as different positions, lengths, and curvatures.

Even bulges, changes in the channel cross-section, and fine branches must be taken into account when preparing the channels. A magnifying glass is not sufficient, and that’s why dentists use a modern, high-resolution surgical microscope thirty times more powerful than the human eye. This allows them to see the tooth and canal system clearly. An additional light source can improve their visibility beyond that.

If you think a root canal is needed, visit a reliable dental clinic with a history of performing these types of procedures successfully. For more details, call Westwood Dental today. Follow us on Twitter.

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