Dental Implants in Rockville

by | May 8, 2013 | Dental

When teeth are not looking their best, there is always cosmetic dentistry to consider. Teeth are meant to last a life time and so are smiles. Unfortunately, thousands of people have lost their smile and their teeth, due to bad dental choices. The dentist office is a place where healthy teeth and great smiles are born. The dentist is dedicated to helping patients accomplish their mission to get dental implants, braces or other dental devices. For dental implants Rockville dentists have all the right equipment and modern supplies. Cosmetic dentistry can repair missing teeth, broken teeth and dentures within the same day, in some cases. Dental implants replace teeth that have been severely damaged or teeth that needed to be extracted.

Patients with dentures can now trade them in for permanent teeth. Missing teeth can make a smile very unattractive. First impressions are always said to be lasting impressions. What people will remember most about other people is their smile. Dental implants Rockville and cosmetic dentistry help hide the embarrassment of lost or damage teeth. Cosmetic dentistry also included veneers, bonding, gums grafts, caps or crowns. The cosmetic dentist is experienced in removing the teeth and gum structure. Teeth straightening are done, with the help of bonding and reshaping or sculpting.

Missing teeth are very unsightly, dental bridges are used to fill in these gaps. Two crowns ultimately hold the teeth in place. This is known as a fixed bridge. Fixed bridges are not as easy to remove as dentures. Cosmetic dentistry use bridges to help reduce over bites, reduce the possibility of gum disease, and even improve speech and language. Veneers are very thin like porcelain laminates that are placed directly on the teeth. They are mainly used to hide discolored teeth or to close gaps, missing teeth leave behind. Gum lift is another form of cosmetic dentistry that involves raising the gum lines. There are a number of procedures the dentist can use to repair, restore or replace damaged teeth. These procedures are only available through the skills and expertise of a qualified orthodontics that specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Hide the embarrassment of your lost teeth with the dental implants treatment provided by Dr. Zia Ahmed in Rockville. Request an appointment!

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