Why Yearly HVAC System Maintenance in Toledo, OH Is So Important

by | Mar 7, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

Annual HVAC system maintenance in Toledo OH is something to be taken seriously, but too many homeowners let two or more years go by before scheduling the service. Yet the yearly inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of the furnace and air conditioner help prevent breakdowns at inconvenient times. It verifies that the system is running safely. It also improves efficiency, thus cutting down on energy bills.

Maintenance Tasks

The basic maintenance includes tasks such as lubricating parts, checking over connections, and making sure burners and the heat exchanger are in good working order. The blower is cleaned and adjusted to make sure airflow is at an optimum level. These are just a few examples of the projects that will be completed during the appointment.

After the maintenance work is complete, the technician provides a report to the customer about what tasks were done. If the system is several years old, there may be recommendations for replacement of certain components to prevent malfunctions and to boost efficiency.

Great Sources of Information

Technicians who perform HVAC System Maintenance in Toledo OH are great sources of information, too. The customers have the chance to ask any questions they’ve wondered about over the previous year. During that year, they can take note of any problems they’ve noticed. Questions might address indoor air quality, humidity levels, energy savings, and inconsistent temperatures in various rooms.

Two Important Considerations

Some homeowners don’t schedule annual maintenance because they’re on a tight budget. If the appointment costs somewhere between $80 and $100, they don’t feel they can justify it. It looks to them like choosing between grocery money and HVAC maintenance. However, not scheduling that appointment can easily lead to bigger financial trouble down the road if the furnace breaks down on a cold winter night.

Another consideration is that not having yearly maintenance done by a contractor such as such as A-1 Heating and Home Improvement could void the warranty if anything goes wrong within a specified time frame. The manufacturer may require receipts proving the work was done. Anyone who should schedule this type of appointment is encouraged to contact us as soon as possible.

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