Retaining an HVAC Service for Your Commercial Properties

by | Jul 11, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

Commercial property management is tough when you are medium-size or small-sized. Smaller companies have all the concerns of the larger management groups but without the benefits of size and scope. When it comes to managing aging properties such as office, industrial, and warehouse space efficiently, an HVAC service for your Everett area properties should be a primary concern. Air quality in older buildings can be affected by various factors including furnishings, paint, and carpeting, the inefficiency of older and unmaintained ventilation systems. These factors can lead to sick building” syndrome.

Clean It Up!

Indoor air quality depends heavily on the HVAC system. Retaining an Everett area HVAC service to assess the condition of your system properly is crucial to the safety, comfort, and health of the building’s tenants. In fact, EPA has extensive indoor air quality guidelines or HVAC systems. Vents, ducts, coils, drain pan, filters all need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. If not on a seasonal basis, servicing should be done annually by companies experienced in commercial, industrial, and office ventilation systems. This type of maintenance is not the same as having your home HVAC system service, arguing that service yourself. Large systems need a professional touch to be maintained in peak condition and operability.

Time to Change?

If your HVAC system is breaking down frequently, requires frequent repairs, or doesn’t seem to cool or heat as well as it used to it may be time not to service your system, but replace it completely. Systems over ten years old should be evaluated for efficiency and cost, and then replaced by a local company experienced in commercial HVAC systems. Check those utility bills and repair bills and decide which is a more efficient use of funds over the long term.

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