What You Need to Know about Velashape Fairfax, VA

by | Sep 12, 2012 | Health

velashape in Fairfax of VA

velashape in Fairfax of VA

With so many women facing problems about cellulite, the demand for an effective but safe product has risen. This has seen the introduction of numerous products in the market some which never meet the expectations. One of the few products that are effective in dealing with cellulite is velashape. This is a new cellulite combating technique that has proven to be effective in getting rid of the fats. With velashape Fairfax, VA, what is involved is a small vacuum like hand held device. This is used on the affected body areas to heat the fats underneath making them dissolve and thus they are easily washed away. The device uses a mix of bipolar radiation and optical energy to heat the fats beneath the skin.

Velashape Fairfax, VA has become a popular and most sought after treatment for cellulite because of the following advantages.

  • First, velashape Fairfax, VA is a non-invasive non surgical procedure. This means it does not come with the complications associated with the surgery procedures. There is neither hazard in the method nor does it require a lot of time during the sessions.
  • Secondly, the method has hardly any side effect. This is unlike the surgical methods. There are no corrective surgeries or concerns. It is a safe procedure and the only thing you might have to worry about is some reddening of the skin and a little swelling which lasts for some few hours after the velashape procedure. This is common in almost all the cases and comes as a result of the heating process.
  • Another advantage of the cellulite reduction procedure is that it gives you the quickness and effectiveness of surgical procedures while at the same time giving you the safety of the more natural options for combating cellulite. You are thus able to notice drastic changes in a shorter time and are also assured of your safety. After the velashape procedure one can easily resume with their normal life routine.

The method however has some few setbacks which are;

  • The procedure requires several visits to the doctor or physician to notice great changes. Usually this takes about 6 to 8 weeks.
  • It is not a permanent solution to the cellulite problem. While it does remove the fats, they will still accumulate after some time. Thus one has to combine this method with a good diet and exercise plan. This way one can jumpstart the process of loosing cellulite and at the same time make the treatment permanent.

Some exercise and diet tips include; drinking plenty of water, cutting down on foods such as caffeine, sugars, salts and fats. One should also take the following Vitamins; A, B-complex, C and E.

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