Non-Surgical Fat Removal, Anyone?

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Health

Being slim and slender is always a part of a woman’s wish list. Crash-dieting, no-carbs/no-sugar diets, water therapy, and practically living inside the gym working out everyday are just some things that a woman who wishes to get in perfect form would do; although sometimes, they still end up with unpleasant and unsatisfying results. It can be quite tasking to get fit in a short period of time. At the same time, the demands of everyday living may not permit you to spare much time or any time at all. To go under the knife may be terrifying to most women, but some actually take the risk. Not having to go under the knife and still end up with a great body sounds might have been an impossibility years ago, but in this age and time, it is already a reality.

CoolSculpting in Arlington is an innovative way to remove excess fat in the body, awaiting women who aim to have a great shape. Surprisingly, this method of eliminating the excess fat in the body does not require needles or anesthetics, since it is a non-surgical procedure. The good news is, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has already approved of this procedure and has found it to be safe and effective. Doctors have been recommending this to women, because of its non-invasive, non-surgical nature.

How exactly does CoolSculpting work on the bodies of women in Arlington? The procedure is quite simple and fast. It is done with an applicator, which releases a cooling effect and is directed to the targeted fatty area. The cold effect, when directed to the fat cells, gradually makes them disappear. This is called Apoptosis, or natural cell death. Since the temperature released from the applicator is the only thing involved in the process, there will be no scarring effect or long healing process to be undergone after each procedure, which can be very advantageous to a lot of people, especially those who do not have much time to spare. Another good thing about this procedure is that it can be done in less than a couple of hours, with a 30-day interval to do it again, should there be a need for it. Most of the women who have tried this procedure are satisfied with undergoing it just once, but for some who may need more sessions are welcome to do it again.

While it may be very advantageous, particularly for those who are always on the go, this procedure is only recommended for those who are slightly overweight and not for those who are obese. It will only be effective for targeting defined areas of fat and is not meant as a weight-loss alternative. Regular exercise and a balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle will still be your best bet in achieving the body and form you desire. It is also advisable to consult with a Nutritionist or your physician before undergoing any treatment, for your well-being and peace of mind.

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