Treating a Backbone Disease – Spine Surgery in Tampa

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Health

If you are living in US, you would have seen many clinics regarding spinal problems. The spinal issue can irritate you in many ways depending on the intensity, as some are severe, whereas others are minor issues. But, when your doctor says that you have to get through a surgery, you should go for it after considering many factors. Tampa has accommodated many trained surgeons for a spine surgery, but still you should get more information about it.

Not all the problems need an operation, as there are certain conditions, which can be treated with care and precautions. There are many home remedies, through which you can get relieved of pain. These pains are mostly temporary due to many reasons as pregnancy, menopause, or periods among women. In men this can be due to age factor, a shock through an accident, or doing a heavy weight exercises. Whatever the reason is you can solve it at home in various ways.

The best way to get rid of a backbone pain is a good posture, heating pad, and stretching exercises. All these methods can help to deal with lower, upper or middle back pain. To make a heating pad at home, you need three things as, rice in uncooked form or beans, any old sock and a rubber band. You can also say that it’s a grandma’s tip for relieving pains.

Prepare the pad by putting rice in the old sock until it is full, then tie the top end with a rubber band. Place this pad in a microwave oven for a minute. It should be heated to the limit which is bearable by the person using it. Place it on the affected area for a while, but the time depends on the nature of pain as well. You can also make the same pad with beans, and can use it many times as it will not be useless until the sock is torn.

Stretching the back in a straight position will also help, which you can do easily. The best way is to lie down on the floor in a straight position, and pull your knees to your chest. If you do this for a longer time, it will stretch the back releasing the pain. This exercise will prevent you from any drugs as well. Having frequent pain attacks can be cured with this, and if you do both the heating pad method along with stretching, it will surely make you healthy as before.

Following these remedies is good, but it is essential that you always keep the posture in a right position while sitting and standing position. When you have to pick some heavy stuff, first sit straight on the floor, and hold that thing, as if you do it while standing, it will create severe backbone pain. Try not to sit much around the computer, and if your job needs it all the day then use a proper seat with reasonable back size. By considering all these things, you can save your back from damage.




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