Chiropractor In Temecula CA – Does Spinal Decompression Suit You?

by | Jun 25, 2012 | Health

Your life can be disrupted and put on hold when back pain presents itself, making it all the more worthwhile to visit a chiropractor in Temecula CA. A chiropractor in Temecula CA will maintain a lot of experience in dealing with customers who have issues with the upper and lower back. Depending on the complications you are dealing with, the form of therapy may differ. A lot of people who are managing back discomfort over long periods of time will contact a chiropractor in Temecula CA to discuss spinal decompression, which is a favored therapy for its long-term benefits and enhanced mobility.

Chiropractor In Temecula CA – Non-surgical Procedures

There are two types of spinal decompression that a chiropractor in Temecula CA can offer you. Of course, the chiropractor in Temecula CA will need to look at your condition beforehand, so that a conclusion can be met. Non-surgical procedures for spinal decompression are useful for stretching the spine and reducing back pain. Discs that are bombarded with pressure will be targeted, so that spinal nerves are no longer affected. Sciatica, herniated discs, injured spinal nerve roots and worn spinal joints can all be treated with this therapy. The chiropractor in Temecula CA will offer this affordable service in the form of exercise and physical therapy.

Chiropractor In Temecula CA – Surgical Procedures

If your back pain is rapidly getting worse, the chiropractor in Temecula CA may advise you to opt for surgical spinal decompression procedures. Surgical procedures supplied by a chiropractor in Temecula CA for spinal decompression will involve a harness. The harness is positioned tightly around the pelvis region and ultrasound or electrical stimulation may be provided. The amount of time you will be required to undergo this procedure will normally be about 45 minutes. The monitoring of your condition will determine how many days, weeks or months you must return to the chiropractor for, but generally these surgical spinal decompression procedures will continue for up to 28 treatments. The outcome of this service from a chiropractor in Temecula CA will be reduced tingling, pain, numbness and weakness.

Chiropractor In Temecula CA – Assessments

Because pressure on the spinal discs can affect nerves, the legs may also experience discomfort, which can be detected by a chiropractor in Temecula CA. When this happens, the legs might become weak and your life affected even more. If you are unsure about whether spinal decompression suits you, you must visit a chiropractor in Temecula CA and get a thorough assessment. This assessment will look at your physical condition and you may even have some x-rays completed. The chiropractor in Temecula CA will then offer advice and if you have a tumor, a fracture, metal spinal implants or advanced osteoporosis, you may not be suitable for spinal decompression.


After just a few treatments for spinal decompression from a chiropractor in Temecula CA, you will notice the positive effects. Improve your overall mobility by visiting




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