Tips to Consider When You Want to Sell High-End Jewelry

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Jewelry Store

There are plenty of places, most notably pawnshops, that are excellent resources for selling valuable items. In fact, pawnshops are a popular option for people that want to sell their jewelry quickly. This also makes a pawnshop an excellent resource for someone that wants to buy jewelry as well.

However, if a person has a relatively high-value piece of jewelry, whether it contains numerous stones, precious metals or, perhaps, it’s a collector item, not every pawnshop is prepared to deal in high-end jewelry. That’s why, if a person wants to Sell High-End Jewelry, they’ll need to do a bit of homework ahead of time.

The first thing the owner of the jewelry should do is get a ballpark figure in terms of what the high-end piece of jewelry is actually worth. It’s important to understand it’s unlikely the purchaser of that jewelry, perhaps a place like Palisade Jewelers, is going to offer full value.

In most cases, the only way to get full value is to sell the piece of jewelry at auction. There are times where, especially if it’s a highly sought after piece, the item can actually sell for more than it’s technically worth. Unfortunately, the risk of selling at auction is that it could sell for significantly less than it’s worth-;in some cases, even less than a person might get at a pawn shop or jeweler.

It’s best to figure in roughly about 60% to 70% of the value of the item as a fair offer. With this information in hand, it will be time to shop around. Knowing what it’s worth and knowing what a person should offer will help to determine which businesses are making viable offers and which ones are trying to get a quality, high-end piece of jewelry for a song.

As you can see, when it’s time to Sell High-End Jewelry, a little work ahead of time is best. Choosing jewelers that deal in these types of pieces is invaluable. These jewelers will understand the quality, the demand and the pricing for such items. This is perhaps the best, if not the only, way to maximize profits when selling a piece of high-end jewelry.

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