How To Prepare For Asphalt Paving

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Business

Asphalt paving will allow your property’s asphalt to look it’s very best. Whether you are paving asphalt for the first time for preparing an existing surface, proper preparation is key. With the right preparation, your asphalt will last for much longer and the results will be smoother and much more even. Understanding how to prepare for asphalt paving is easier when you select an asphalt paving contractor Jacksonville professional. Your contractor will walk you through the steps and will handle everything for you.

Preparing your asphalt surface

The first step to preparing for an asphalt paving process is to prep the surface where the asphalt will be poured. There are many different types of surfaces and each one may require a different preparation process. In the case of a new application, you will need to prepare the sub grading level for the asphalt to be poured. Some of the activities to prep this area include over excavation of the subgraded surface, compacting the subgrade, or applying a primer coat.

Preparing an existing pavement for asphalt paving

In the event that there is existing pavement that needs to be repaved, there is a different process involved. Your asphalt paving contractor Jacksonville professional will take the necessary steps to paving existing asphalt for you. They will prepare the area by milling, applying a leveling course, or by replacing areas that have extreme damage. It will be up to your asphalt paving contractor Jacksonville professional to decide exactly what prepping services are needed to get the pavement ready.

By preparing the surface prior to laying down the new pavement, there is a better chance of a successful outcome. You will be able to ensure that the asphalt will stick to the surface better and it will have a more even application. Count on your local asphalt paving contractor Jacksonville professional to offer the highest quality services for your needs.

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