Tips From a Reputable Commercial Tire Dealer in St. George, UT On Pre-Trip Inspections

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Automotive

To enjoy success as a truck driver, a person will need to get familiar with all parts of their rig. Before embarking on a trip, a truck driver will have to take the time to properly inspect their semi. Neglecting to do this can end in disaster when the truck breaks down shortly after the trip has started. When performing a pre-trip inspection, a truck driver will need to focus on a few key parts of their rig. Getting advice from a commercial tire dealer in St. George UT regarding how to properly inspect the tires on a semi is important and can save the truck driver a lot of stress down the road.

Proper Inflation is Key

The first thing a truck driver will need to do when trying to ensure their tires are in good shape is to check the amount of tire pressure they have. A Commercial Tire Dealer in St. George UT should be able to tell a truck driver what pressure levels are suitable for their particular tires. If the tires are consistently low, then the chances are there is a leak. Taking the semi into a tire dealer is the best way to make sure the leak is found and fixed in a hurry.

Assessing Tread Wear

The next thing a truck owner will need to do when trying to assess the condition of their tires is to check the tread wear. As time goes by, the rubber tread on semi tires will begin to wear out. If a truck driver tries to operate their rig with slick tires, it will create a variety of problems. Having low tread on diesel tires will lead to a reduction in stopping power. When a truck driver notices their tires are looking a bit worn, they will need to get them replaced in a hurry.

Finding the right tire dealership is an essential part of getting repairs and replacements handled properly. CMC Tires will have no problem getting a truck driver the help they need when facing issues with their tires. Call or browse our website for more information on the services offered.

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