Getting Active With Pre-school Programs in Fairfield, CT

Children need to remain active and learning consistently throughout early childhood. Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT offer art, music and basic reading and math to their students to help them develop a variety of skills. Too often the programs lack the physical activity kids also need. With so many children now leading sedentary lives and suffering from obesity it is important to encourage them to get active and stay moving.

How Exercise Helps

Physical activities do more than control weight and improve motor skills. Studies have shown that they also aid in growth. Bones, joints and muscles develop faster in active children. Blood pressure levels remain stable and the risk for developing diabetes drops. Participation in sports helps to reduce anxiety and depression, improves learning skills and boosts self-confidence. Studies show that when people remain active during their childhood they will have a better chance of being active and at a healthy weight as adults.

What to Choose

Pre-school children do best with sports that do not have too many rules or instructions to remember. Organized teams may be too stressful and confusing for very young children. Swimming, gymnastics and martial arts classes are excellent choices because they are very active and allow each individual to improve at their own rate. The classes for young children offer very simple instructions and do not require children to be in competition with others.

Where to Start

Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT that center around physical activities will provide age-appropriate instruction in a safe environment. These programs give them time to learn multiple movements and skills unlike school-based programs that change activities every week. The ability to have the time and instruction necessary to master a skill is important. Receiving acknowledgment for their achievement will help to encourage them to stay involved.

Gymnastics programs provide a full-body workout that increases strength and improves motor skills and balance. They provide enormous benefits and are equally enjoyable for boys and girls. Children as young as 12 months can begin tumbling and jumping to develop the basic skills for advancement. It is a great way to let children have fun while also keeping them healthy. Contact us to find out how all pre-school children can take part in safe and exciting gymnastics classes.

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