Sending Cash to International Locations, Choose Money Orders

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Finance

Money orders have been around for many decades because they are a convenient way to send cash without having to send paper money through the mail. When you send it through international channels, it is imperative that you make sure the currency arrives at its location and is given to the recipient.


While confidentiality isn’t always necessary, such as when you send currency to a family member in need, it can be helpful for many reasons. For one, no one sees your banking account information from the check you write. If you have to send money to someone that you don’t know to make a payment, it is always a good idea to keep all of your banking information hidden. That way, they can’t figure out a way to use your routing number and other pertinent information.

You purchase the money order with cash (or a credit/debit card), but they never see any of that information.

No Checks Allowed

When you’re in a foreign country or sending currency there to help someone, most companies do not accept checks. It is their way of protecting themselves from high return-check fees and other issues, so it makes sense. However, you still need to get money to them, and a money order is an acceptable and legal form of payment when a check won’t work.

Non-Banking Hours

Many times, you’re going to need to send money to someone when your bank isn’t open. While online banking has helped, you probably can’t transfer funds internationally without talking to a manager. Companies that send money orders for you are more likely to have longer business hours, so you can still get things done that day.

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