Professional Landscapers can Help Older People with their Fall Clean Up in Burlington, WI

by | Jul 24, 2015 | Landscape Contractors

Preparing a yard for winter can be a daunting task for anyone. However, an older person may find it even more difficult to prune large trees or climb ladders to clean gutters. They can call a professional landscape company for a Fall Clean Up in Burlington WI. A knowledgeable landscaper will help them decide what tasks they would like help with. This can include cutting back flowers and small bushes, mulching the garden, pruning trees, and cleaning gutters. Some of these tasks keep the garden healthy, others prepare it for winter weather.

Raking leaves and picking up stray limbs is only the first part of the job. They also have to be disposed of. For many homeowners, this means taking time out of a busy day to visit the local landfill. Older homeowners may no longer drive or be comfortable at a busy landfill. It can also be difficult for them to fit the debris in their car. When they hire a professional landscaping and maintenance company they will avoid all of these issues. The landscapers will have large trucks to dump all of the debris and they will take it to the landfill.

An arborist can evaluate all of the trees to determine how they will survive severe winter weather. If the arborist finds evidence of wide-spread disease, he may recommend taking the tree down. Weak tree roots are no match for high winds. However, if he notices pests in an isolated limb, he may be able to save the remaining tree. Any large limbs hanging over a structure or power lines can also be removed. This can prevent a damaged roof or downed wire. Smaller trees may not have had time to establish a strong root system. The arborist can construct a wire support system to help the stand up to winter winds and snow.

During a Fall Clean Up in Burlington WI, landscapers can also evaluate the health of the garden soil and lawn. They can add nutrients to help plants survive the winter and be ready for spring growth. Property owners can Contact Koch Kuts Landscaping and Maintenance to request a meeting to design a custom fall clean-up plan. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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