4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Business

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Business

With the economy on its way to recovery, it might just be the perfect time to fulfill that lifelong dream of having a business. Most people who want to be entrepreneurs, think of starting their business from scratch – working on their idea and capitalizing on it. But that would present numerous problems; marketing the business, hiring employees, building a customer base, etc. It also involves certain risks; you’ll have to set up the whole operations without knowing its success rate. On the other hand, you have the option of buying an established business, where you don’t have to build the enterprise from the ground up.

Buying a business for sale in MN can prove to be a more profitable alternative. Bankers and investors feel more comfortable financing a business that has already proven itself in the industry. Buying an existing business will also give you legal rights, like patents or copyrights. On the downside, buying a business is more costly than starting from scratch. Interested in buying a business? Answer these five questions to be sure you’re making the right decision!

1. Is it the right time?
Are you committed to working long hours and willing to invest time and emotions in running your own business? If yes, then avail this opportunity to owning a business that is right for you. Riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster is probably a small sacrifice to get the full benefits of your investment.

2. Do the numbers add up?
Most new entrepreneurs accept all the data and information given to them by the seller, without verifying. Avoid this mistake and hire an accountant (preferably a CPA, who can audit financial statements) to verify the figures.

3. What do the customers think of the business?
Talking to the customers will give you an insight of what the business is really about. Find out who buys from you and why they buy from you. Knowing the customer will provide you with a better chance to serve their needs. Seek out this information before signing the deed; you might be in for a surprise. This information will help you when you take control of the business.

4. What is your exit strategy?
This is an important question to ask even as you’re about to buy a business. Consider this right from the start in case you have to get out sooner than you thought. Assess the market conditions evaluate your liquidity needs and contemplate your future role in the company to plan out your exit strategy.

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