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by | Jul 27, 2018 | Lawyers

If you become disabled before retirement, and you meet certain rules based on your employment, you can claim benefits from the Social Security Administration. Although benefits are available, the sad truth is that two-thirds of those in Stanton that make a claim are denied benefits. For those who have paid into FICA consistently, and believe they have a qualifying physical or mental disability, there is an appeals process available. It is at this time when you should consider hiring a knowledgeable Social Security attorney in Stanton.

The Cost of Legal Representation

It is completely understandable that people who find themselves without a steady income will be concerned about extraneous expenses. Legal fees are not something to worry about when you hire an attorney. He or she works for you on contingency.

When an attorney agrees to take your case based on a contingency fee agreement, this means that the attorney will be paid when you are successful in getting disability benefits. During the proceedings, if you pay anything, it is for simple incidental costs the attorney has paid.

When the attorney agrees to handle your case, you and the attorney agree. The SSA must approve this agreement. The maximum legal fee that the attorney can charge is 25 percent of any benefits you are granted, but not to exceed $6,000.

The date of onset of your disability is determined once your attorney has been successful in winning your case. It is the date of the onset of your disability that is used to determine the past due benefits you are entitled and the legal fees due to your Social Security attorney. The legal fee is paid directly to your attorney by the Administration. All future benefits payments are yours exclusively.

If you need the help of a qualified Social Security attorney, contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen near Stanton.

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