Learning to Cope With Pet Allergies Louisville, KY

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Just about one out of twenty American citizens suffer from pet allergies. Many times the allergic reaction is triggered by things such as dander, their fur, and even their saliva. In many cases pet owners are readily aware that they have a pet allergy until after they brought their pet. The symptoms are very similar to environmental allergies and asthma and therefore they are commonly mistaken. You might notice sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. It is important that you understand that pet allergies Louisville, KY pet owners have are specific, meaning that a dog owner can be allergic to cats, but fine with a dog. Many times, owners may feel saddened if they believe they will have to give their pet away, however more than half of the pet owners that suffer from these allergies keep their pets and learn to manage their symptoms.

So before you decide to go for drastic measures such as selling your furry friend you should consider finding ways to help you cope with your pet allergies Louisville, KY area. There is lots of literature and information on this topic, as well as many pet owners who deal with the same thing. Aside from the tips listed below, you might even want to consider joining a pet owner blog or group this way you can bounce your ideas off of other owners that have allergic reactions to their pets. Try these tips below to get your allergies under control. This way you can begin to enjoy your life with your pet again.

The first thing you should consider is talking to your doctor about pet allergies Louisville, KY. They can give you the basis of information that will help you keep your symptoms to a minimum.

Next you want to research possible treatment options such as allergy shots. Many that suffer from allergies have said to seriously improve once they’ve had a shot. Therefore you might want to consider this option.

Now you want to start eliminating as much of the dander and fur that you can. You can do this by purchasing an air purifier. They come in many different sizes, making it easy for you to keep the air you breathe clean. Some purifiers have been known to help prevent about 90% of the dander that gets into the air in a day. Check around for competitive prices and the best product.

When you have pet allergies Louisville, KY you want to remember to dust and vacuum more often. Trying to aim for at least once per week would be best. You also want to remember to change filters in your vacuum and purifier for the best results.

Groom your pets more often this way you can keep the dander from flying around loosely. You can also try bathing them once per month.
Lastly, you can consider keeping your pets off of the furniture and surfaces in which you sit on. You don’t want the dander and fur to consume your home. Even consider blocking off an entire room in which your pets are not allowed to roam free.

If you suffer from pet allergies Louisville, KY area you should consider talking with an allergy specialist about possible treatment options. No one wants to feel miserable in their own home. Visit www.drsmithallergy.com for more.

pet allergies Louisville

pet allergies Louisville

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