Getting the best from Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

by | Jul 7, 2012 | Cosmetic Surgery

We daily see various reports on plastic surgery with both positive and negative comments. Various experiences and results obtained by a patient are the reason of such comments. Many women living in Los Angeles are mad about cosmetic surgery, which is perhaps their liking for big stars or their better economical condition. When a surgery gets wrong, we cannot completely blame a surgeon for that, as the first responsibility is that of the patient. This is true about cosmetic surgeries instead of other surgeries.

I heard a woman complaining about a bad tummy tuck technique, she went through. She complained that she had to remain in bed for several months, as the operation got wrong somehow. This was an infection or perhaps the wrong fat cutting. She was crying, as she lost her money during the process, so she wanted to report against the doctor. Same example is that of a nose surgery, in which patients want to change the shape of the nose. Some have a big nose or very sharp nose, so they want to change the appearance. According to some reports the shape got worse.

Similarly, about Botox, certain people complained that it wasn’t much effective. The negative views were either about infection, swelling or bad surgery results. Considering these issues, we cannot completely blame a doctor. The first thing is that a patient should have an idea what he or she wants. Mostly the patients ask for a surgery, so as to copy their favorite star’s looks. Doctors try to convince the patient that these looks will not suit him or her. Whereas some doctors perform surgeries to earn money, when they see that the patient is ready.

The same is true about tummy tuck, when women or men cannot lose their fat; they look for a short cut as surgery. Lazy people who do not want to do exercise or cannot follow a diet plan, they always look for quick results. So, it is their responsibility to think many times before a surgery, or get the detailed information about the surgeon. In many cases, surgery is not recommended due to some other physical diseases as diabetes, but the patient does not listen. Whereas sometimes the doctor does not guide a patient about the expected consequences.

A doctor’s negligence happens only when qualification is absent. Whereas, mostly quakes can ruin a surgery of any kind, as a good surgeon will never misguide a patient just for money. We should see whether the doctor is real or a quake, which is not difficult to find out. Sometimes, a surgeon’s assistant starts doing such surgeries on an individual level, which eventually become a disaster. Those who want any of such treatment should do some research before taking any decision for a plastic surgery. In Los Angeles lots of hospitals and clinics are serving people in this regard. You can search the web to get a list of various doctors, and choose the best surgeon for a cosmetic surgery.





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