How The Lemon Law Works In Florida

The Lemon Law in Florida covers new cars that have been either purchased or leased. The Florida Lemon Law provides an arbitration mechanism for owners or lessees of new vehicles that are found to have a substantial problem that cannot be rectified within the limits set by the law. The law only applies to new cars; it does not apply to used cars.

If the reported defect cannot be rectified within a specified time period or a specified number of repair attempts, the vehicle manufacturer will replace the car or refund the purchase price.

Is your car a lemon under Florida law?

There are three criteria that have to be met for a car to be classified a lemon under Florida law and they must occur with 24 months of the date the car was turned over to the buyer or lessee.

  • The defect must be such that it “substantially” affects the use, safety, or resale value of the vehicle.
  • Three attempts must have been made to repair the same defect, and
  • The vehicle must have been unavailable for use by the owner or lessee for 15 days or more.

If these conditions apply, you must report to the vehicle manufacturer, not the dealer. A Motor Vehicle Defect Notification must be sent by registered mail, upon receipt, the manufacturer is granted one final chance to repair the problem, and this final attempt must be made within 10 days, if it is not you can seek arbitration under the Florida Lemon Law.

Many affected vehicle owners will turn to experienced Lemon Law lawyers at this time. A knowledgeable lawyer will ensure that you are in possession of everything that is needed to prove your car is indeed a lemon and you are entitled to recourse under the law.

If you have purchased or leased a car that has a defect that affects the safety, use or value of your vehicle you have recourse under the Florida Lemon Law. For complete details on the law and an introduction to a knowledgeable lawyer, you are invited to visit

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