How Clean Corporate Humor Benefits Your Company

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Business

Most companies would prefer light-hearted employees who know how to laugh and have fun, all while keeping up with daily activities. They may feel it’s impossible, but it just takes a little effort and education. Human beings aren’t designed to be robotic, so when you take all the fun out of life, they aren’t going to respond well. Therefore, clean corporate humor is a necessity.

How It Works

Primarily, you want people to be allowed to tell and email jokes, sit around the proverbial water cooler and let loose a little, even while they’re working. However, most people don’t know what’s appropriate or how to go about starting this positive change, which is why a funny motivational speaker can help. They can lighten the mood of everyone at the event, helping them understand the benefits of laughter. Likewise, they can teach what’s appropriate and when so that others feel more confident about telling jokes.

The Benefits

You may not realize it, but clean corporate humor can be beneficial for relationships, communication, productivity, problem-solving, general health, leadership and more.

For example, when people laugh together, they usually stick together. They may become more than just coworkers and spend time with each other outside of work, which promotes comradery and friendship. Likewise, they’re more likely to communicate with each other because they feel more comfortable talking to that person.

Do you want to talk to people who have sour-pusses and never understand your jokes (or make it impossible to joke)? NO! You want to speak to those who smile, laugh, and shake their head when you tell them something funny.

When you want others to be motivated and productive, clean corporate humor can help. For one thing, morale will be improved, there will be a more positive work environment, and people will want to do their jobs.

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