Actions to Ensure Healthy Plant Growth After a Purchase at Tree Sales in Fort Worth

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Tree Service

Homeowners shopping at a store with Tree Sales in Fort Worth can bring their purchases to their property and do their own planting, or they can have professionals deliver the trees and complete the project. The advantage of having professionals do the work is their knowledge and expertise in how to place trees with a minimum of stress to the plant.

For example, some property owners wonder whether to stake a young tree so it isn’t vulnerable to wind. Professionals from a company providing Tree Sales in Fort Worth typically don’t want to stake a newly planted tree unless it’s absolutely necessary. Not being able to rely on this type of stabilization forces the plant to develop a stronger trunk. If the tree service technicians determine that the young plant must be stabilized, proper techniques are important to prevent girdling and killing the tree. The workers use soft fabric around the tree and keep it loose enough so the tree can move to a certain extent in the wind and develop strength. Trees usually can have the staking removed after a year, when they are fully rooted and can depend on their own stabilization.

After planting, the new tree shouldn’t need any commercial fertilizer for a few years, and may never need it. Mulching with wood chips around the base, a short distance from the tree itself, is a good idea. This provides a more gradual infusion of water after rainfall or irrigation, and it stops weeds from growing. This generates a healthier environment for the roots.

A company such as Alfaro Tree Sales typically keeps its plants trimmed, removing branches that rub together or that grow in angles that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. If a tree begins to develop two leaders, this is considered a structural problem and one of those large branches is removed. The strongest trees have only one dominant leader; double leaders make the tree susceptible to splitting. Property owners shouldn’t need to prune their purchases upon arrival or soon after planting. The only reason any branches would need to be cut away is if any were damaged during transport.

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