Frequently Asked Questions About Low Back Pain In Ferguson And Chiropractic Care

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Chiropractic

Individuals who have low back pain caused by an injury, a herniated disk or a medical condition can get relief in a short amount of time by visiting a chiropractor who specializes in Low Back Pain in Ferguson. Pain in the lower back often prevents individuals from participating in daily activities and it’s not uncommon to experience pain while sitting or walking. The pain that some individuals experience will even keep them from sleeping at night. People who have lower back pain should read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about this treatment option.

How does chiropractic treatment work for low back pain?

Chiropractors use their hands to perform manipulation techniques for adjusting the spine. These techniques repair damaged joints that lead to mobility issues and pain. In addition to benefiting the joints, an adjustment can also relieve pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. A chiropractor may also recommend exercising and a diet change to assist with the patient’s treatment.

Are chiropractic manipulation techniques for the lower back painful for individuals?

Chiropractors use a quick thrust of their hands to perform manipulation techniques on the spine. Many patients feel instant relief as the chiropractor makes an adjustment. Soreness may be felt during the technique since there’s already the pain in the lower back. Some individuals report an ache in the back for a few hours after the procedure, but the chronic back pain will immediately decrease and become less bothersome.

Does the back pain go away for good after one treatment of spinal manipulation?

Even though the pain won’t be as severe after the first treatment, chiropractors often recommend several sessions to eliminate the back pain completely. If a patient stops going to the chiropractor after only one treatment, there’s a good chance that the chronic pain will reappear. It’s essential to complete the healing process for Low Back Pain in Ferguson and that’s why several treatments are often necessary.

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