Extend the Working Life of a Comfort System With Reliable HVAC Service in Fort Collins, CO

by | May 5, 2017 | air conditioning system

There are various ways to give a home or business a comfortable environment including heat pumps, split or ductless AC systems, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. However, the HVAC is the most commonly installed comfort appliance because people are familiar with it and the design of the system provides a consistent temperature throughout the entire building. The system works by drawing the interior air through an air exchanger where it is heated or chilled. Circulating air in this manner also moves the dust in the building, and this dirt can wreak havoc on HVAC units. Annual HVAC Service in Fort Collins CO can help by cleaning the unit and testing it for signs of failure.

One of the most important components on the HVAC is the condenser system. This is the unit placed outside, and one reason for this location is that air conditioners are actually heat exchangers. They work by compressing a chemical refrigerant and causing it to change state. As the refrigerant is cycled into the air handler, it passes through the evaporator coil where its lower temperature allows it to collect heat from inside the building. That heat gets released through another coil in the condenser unit. The continuous cycle of state changes can put a lot of strain on the condenser, but professional HVAC Service in Fort Collins CO can help. In this case, the technicians can ensure the refrigerant is properly charged. This is necessary because the refrigerant also contains the lubricant that protects the condenser.

HVAC systems create condensation in the air handler, and this can be a real problem. One way of dealing with this issue is the pan that collects the moisture and drains it outside of the building. However, part of the moisture in the air exchanger will accumulate on the evaporator coil, which will create another issue. HVAC systems use filters to reduce the chance of dust in the system, but no method of filtration is perfect. Once any dust gets past the filter, it is automatically drawn to the evaporator coil by the air moving through the appliance. The dust mixes with the condensation and lowers overall efficiency. If the coil gets too dirty, it could freeze over and rupture. Thankfully, experts like those at Poudre Valley Air can clean the coil in an acid bath.

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