Choosing the Right Alarm Company for Your Needs

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Business

A home alarm system in Chicago, as with other major cities, is one of the most important purchases you can make, so it’s important to choose the right brand and the right monitoring company from the get-go. Here are some tips on hiring the right alarm company in Chicago for your needs:

  • Ask if they will work with any brand: Some alarm companies only work with alarms that they install, while others can integrate their monitoring system with a brand of your choice. If you have a preferred brand (Honeywell, for example) make sure the company is willing and able to monitor that system.

  • Satisfaction guarantee/warranty: Ask about what type of guarantee or warranty they provide on their monitoring service as well as the alarm system if they’ve installed it. Make sure you get a copy of this guarantee in writing.

  • Monitoring 24/7: Ask whether they have 24/7 monitoring service (including holidays). You don’t want to go away on vacation and have a burglar break in, only to find out that your monitoring company doesn’t work on certain days or weekends.

  • Home automation options: Ask whether the company offers services such lighting controls, automatic door locks, etc. One of the strongest methods for deterring burglars is to have random lighting controls that make it look like someone is home.

  • Is there a cancellation fee? Ask about cancellation fees; if you decide to move next week to a city across the country, you don’t want to have a large cancellation fee added to your moving expenses.

  • Modes of communication: Security systems that rely on only mode of communications, such as a telephone line, can be extremely ineffective. The company should rely on more than just your telephone line (cellular/radio, etc.)

Asking the right questions will help give you a more positive experience with your alarm system company. Visit Alert Protective Services Inc at for more details. Follow us on facebook page.

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