Challenging a Contested Will? – A Highland Park Contested Will Attorney Can Help

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Law Services

Contesting a will is a not an everyday activity. Almost 99% of wills are admitted without any obstacles. Contesting a will is a monotonous process and you need to present correct and genuine information in order to have a case. An expert Highland Park contested will attorney will be able to help you out. If you’re in the Highland Park area, the attorneys at Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. is the place to get the advice you need.

What is a Contested Will?

It is that part of law that is related to wills and the division of property. Here, a formal objection is raised against the validity of the will. In a few cases, the creator of the will may leave out certain people who under normal circumstances would have inherited a portion of the estate. The objection can be brought on various grounds like creator’s lack of mental capacity, changes made to the last will, co-ownership of property, mismanagement of will, forgery or fraudulent practices while creating the will, undue influence etc. The court will entertain a contested will only when there is a good reason for it.

Why You Need a Highland Park Contested Will Attorney to Contest a Will

To initiate a contested will, you need to submit a formal complaint in the court and one of our attorneys at Orlowsky & Wilson can help you decide where you should file your claim. Contesting a will is an emotional, time consuming, expensive, as well as a complicated process. You need the expert advice of a Highland Park contested will attorney to help you navigate filing the proper paperwork and building a strong case. An experienced attorney will first review your case and let you know whether you are eligible to file for a contested will. He or she will explain to you that if the will you’re going to challenge in the court contains a “no-contest” clause, then if you lose the contested will case, you might end up losing all that you would otherwise receive through the will. But if your concerns are good enough, then an attorney will go ahead with filling the contested will and a “no-contest” will not be a hindrance for filing the case.

Why an Out of Court Settlement Option Should Be Tried

Yes, just like any other civil legal matter, a good attorney can try for an out of court settlement. You have to keep in mind that a contested will can create permanent damage to relationships and create conflicts. A Highland Park contested will attorney will help you try to negotiate with the family members included in the will and try to make everyone understand the situation and find an amicable solution even before you start your legal proceedings in the court or even during trial. For a free consultation, please contact a Highland Park contested will attorneys at Orlowsky & Wilson Ltd.

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