Cancer Causing Electromagnetic Fields Can Be Dissipated And Absorbed With Radiation Protection Products

by | Jun 7, 2012 | Health


Radiation protection products have been specially crafted to dissipate and absorb the harmful radiation associated with increases in risks of cancers and other chronic conditions.  While not all regulatory authorities agree that our increased exposure to non-ionizing radiations from household appliances, wiring, and high-voltage manufacturing equipment cause health problems, some do see a link.  There are many common symptoms including impaired cognitive ability, sleep disorders and unexplained rashes.  Often times these symptoms will abate with products that shield radiation.

Radiation Protection Products Protect Against Cancers And Other Chronic Illnesses

Electromagnetic fields can adversely affect cognitive function including spatial relations and memory.  Additionally, they have been linked to destruction of DNA strands which can lead to various types of cancers.  Research shows continued exposure to electromagnet fields can be carcinogenic to humans.  A study released in 2011 by the World Health Organization, emphatically stated that the radiation emitted from cell phones may be a “possible carcinogen to humans.”  Fortunately, technology and innovation have joined together to provide consumers with radiation protection products including for cell phones.

Purchase Radiation Protection Products When You Experience Any Of the Following Symptoms Of Radiation Exposure

Symptoms of overexposure to electromagnetic field radiation include persistent headaches, unexplained fatigue, muscle aches and weakness, burning sensations and rashes on the skin, and disturbances in sleep patterns. Physicians don’t always put two and two together, and it is up to consumers to take charge of their health and wellness.  A good start is to recognize the saturation of electronics in the home and office.  Everything from hair dryers and televisions, to satellite dishes and high-voltage wiring emits dangerous levels of radiation.  Radiation protection products shield and absorb over 90% of electromagnetic fields, ensuring customers peace of mind and better long term health.

Radiation Protection Products Are Available For Home, Office And Construction Projects

There are many products available for both home and office use that includes EMF mats for under chairs and for mattresses.  For commercial and industrial applications, durable high tech fabric is recommended for use in walls, ceilings, and floors.  Additionally, the fabric can be incorporated into shoe inserts, upholstery of office furniture and in mattresses.  The added benefit is an increase in fire retardant ratings.  Radiation protection products are available for home and commercial use and help negate the adverse affects of electromagnetic fields.

Is the staggering increase in cancers linked to prolonged exposure of electromagnetic field radiation?  We don’t yet definitively know.  While research has been slow, innovative engineers concerned with the health and wellness of our population have taken to inventing products to help shield us from the harmful effects.  Shortly after incorporating radiation protection products into their home, users experience better cognitive function, better sleep, and a boost in their immune system functions.

You and your family deserve the best protection available from the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation. Check out the state-of-the-art radiation protection products on the market today. Visit for more information and to purchase protection for you & your family.

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